Native Instruments Posters

Last year I was commissioned to design posters for a Native Instruments commercial project. The design brief was to produce posters based on existing reference material, with original imagery and the Native Instruments branding.

AAT Monochrome Posters

A commission from Art Archive Toronto for a series of posters. The design brief was a minimalistic graphical style, utilizing simple shapes and lines to create interesting designs. Another requirement was a monochromatic color key. I used one of the…

Mr. Dressup Documentary

In the fall of 2022 I had the opportunity to be part of the production for the CBC Documentary Mr. Dressup: The Magic of Make-Believe. It was a great experience where I got to do a variety of work both…

32 Landscapes 1

An ongoing side project that consists of making 32 landscapes from book that teaches oil painting. I am using photoshop to make these and I still have 28 more to go. So wish me luck that I may completed these…

Self Portrait 2015

A self portrait from 2015 painted in photoshop. I used a picture of my self for refence of form and the colors were pushed based on my understanding of color theory and the science of how the human eye perceives…

Landscape Studies 2

These are some landscapes studies done in photoshop. Here I was exploring various textured brushes and the mixer brush tool. I was able to achieve some eye pleasing effects.

Saxophone Player

I came across this great photograph of a saxophone player in front of a church like building. It inspired me to use it as a reference for a painting study using a fluid dynamics based painting software called “verve” painter.…

Winter Cottage

I enjoyed creating this painting. The effect that was achieved with the combination of shapes and lines feels well structured. A good balance between realism and abstraction. Painted with acrylics on canvas.

Astral Gate

Further play on realism and abstractions. A visionary painting that is currently in my collection. Painted on canvas with mixed media, acrylic and water soluble oil.

Sunrise Waterfall

This one was one of the first paintings where I used both acrylics and water soluble oil paint to achieve richer and more vibrant colors. Really enjoyed putting down so many subtle variations, creates a mesmerizing effect. Painted on canvas.

Energy Outburst

Incorporated a lot more line shapes into this painting. Explored the abstraction and segmentation of shapes into greater depth. I like the effect that was created with the added lines. Painted with acrylics on canvas.

Gold Vein

One of my favorite abstract paintings that I have made. I really like how the strong shapes balanced with the light and soft clouds. The clouds create a nice feeling of depth as they embrace the tall mountains. Painted with…